Simple Healthy Cooking
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Cooking Therapy

individual therapy through cooking, the way to whole and balanced health
Adapted for the treatment of chronic ailments of the digestive system: Crohn’s, colitis, celiac, irritable bowel, stomach inflammation, helicobacter pylori (bacteria) in stomach, gas, heartburn, stomach ulcer, constipation and diarrhea.

Treatment by cooking is also called: cooking therapy or therapy through cooking. It is, in fact, a therapy combining cooking lessons and proper nutrition, paying particular attention to the connection between healthy nutrition, healthy body and healthy mind.

A calming and empowering experience
Imagine the incredible feeling you have when you know exactly which nutrients your body needs and which ones you should avoid. Imagine this calming and empowering experience of knowing how to provide healthy dishes at home, for ourselves and our loved ones, as an inseparable part of our everyday routine.
The cooking process, which is a creation in and of itself, takes on new meaning, becomes even more enjoyable and contributes much more to our connection with body, mind and nature.

Participants may choose one of the options or a uniquely combined treatment plan:

First session – clinical assessment, lasting approximately 1.5 hours.

Two sessions – cooking in the kitchen, two hours per session. The cooking, which is personally tailored to each participant’s needs and specifications, includes:
Learning and instruction on healthy cooking
A cookbook and a personal menu
Learning to prepare special dishes according to the specific health-related problem
Personal guidance throughout the learning period

Several sessions (preferably 3 or 4) in the client’s home – I come to your home! Each session, lasting 2-3 hours, includes: 
A brief assessment and questionnaire
Cooking together the dishes and foods suited to the client
Dietary consultation
Putting nutrition in order – where to buy, what to cook, what’s good for the individual … way of life
The client buys the products for the dishes that we will cook together
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